Refocus on Body Care After Childbirth

Adapting to everyday life after giving birth is a challenge for a mother, especially if it is your first time having children. Although caring for a baby is an important task, doing body care for yourself after giving birth is no less important. During the postpartum recovery process, various problems can arise, such as vaginal pain or problems in the urinary tract. Good postpartum body care can help minimize pain and discomfort, and speed up the recovery process of the mother. The puerperium or postpartum period lasts after giving birth for up to six weeks thereafter. In this phase, the mother experiences many changes, both on the psychological and physical aspects. In addition to feeling happy because of the birth of Little, psychological changes that may occur can include changes in mood, easy emotions, feeling anxious or afraid, to sad or called baby blues. On the side of physical changes, visible from the discharge of blood from the vagina, such as menstruation or just patche
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